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As full-service SEO Company, iBabko combines the knowledge drawn from massive research, with experience necessary for a successful online marketing campaign.

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Search engine optimization.

Every website we build begins with SEO in mind. One of the key elements to success of any website is traffic. Understanding this fact, we tailor our SEO services to adhere to the best SEO practices and constantly update our strategies to stay in-tune with the constantly changing search engine algorithms.

Sites we develop include valid HTML, optimized HEAD content, properly formed navigation, heading structures, internal linking and keyword inclusion on product or service names and labels.

We include tools that will provide analysis of the success of different aspects of the visitor’s use of your website. We constantly research most valuable keyword terms, optimize website architecture and content, build strong linking database to increase ranking.



Internet Marketing/SEO

Article Marketing

We specialize in article writing and article distribution services. Successful article marketing is one of the important factors to increasing your Company’s brand exposure. A well-written, original article, when distributed to hundreds of websites can raise your Company’s authority as an expert in your area of business, increasing the level of public trust in your ability to deliver. We research topics, keywords and optimize the articles for the maximum level of exposure.

Social Media

Social media marketing has become more popular in the recent years, with 77% of people using their mobile devices to access social media networks. Recognizing the importance of the role social media plays in everyday life of more than three quarters of the population, marketing your website within the social media networks can yield great results in achieving exposure and capturing potential client’s attention. One of the key successes in social media marketing is the ability of social media users to spread your name in a best way possible – the word-of-mouth marketing.

One of the important factors of social media marketing is that it is free. This cuts advertising costs while driving a lot of traffic to your site and helps improve your brand’s exposure.


Internet Marketing/SEO

Link Building

Not to be underestimated, link building is an essential part of internet marketing. A well-formed link building campaign promotes your website by quality linking from other non-competitive websites. It is a great strategy for improving your visibility, brand awareness and attaining higher search engine ranking.