Accessory or a tool?

All though many websites serve as an accessory to their owner, a properly developed website can be instrumental in driving the success of your business. Since we started web design in late 90’s we’ve always understood that on the internet, you are only as good as you look. This is exactly the reason why thousands of hours of research and years of hands-on experience went in to develop the websites that you can enjoy today. They are no longer merely an accessory, no longer just an addition to any business model, they are an essential tool that drives sales, revenue, brings prestige and recognition to any business.



As one Babko once said: “Because on the internet, you’re only as good as you look”


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Web Design

Website as a key employee

Your website represents you, your company, your interests, services, products and ideas. It is exactly the reason why, it must be designed by a professional. With the thought in mind, that on the internet your website is essentially you – you simply cannot afford not to look your best. Your website is your key representative to the modern world that most likely will visit your website because they will visit you. It is why the style, functionality, distinction among your competitors, all important skills that your website as your key employee must possess.

At iBabko we start with this task. The website must look professional, it must be organized and productive, must appeal to the visitor, answer the questions they have as well as give them an opportunity to ask those that weren’t addressed on the site with a simply click.

iBabko professional web design company

Web Design

Enhanced user experience

We utilize the latest in modern web development tools, techniques and strategies, all aimed to impress the visitor and to improve their overall first experience on your website. From the basics of the HTML coding to the advanced features of CSS styling and Java effects, we provide an environment that is both pleasing to your customer, as well as easy to navigate. Just from the main page, your customer will be able to see key information about your company, contact you, advance to any other page within your site structure as well as see those key moments of presentation to capture the visitor’s attention

User interface design

Web Design

Beautiful coding

In addition to the look and feel of your website, there is a lot “under the hood” of a professional website. It’s the coding, the programming beneath the skin that is both functional and necessary to perform like a fine-tuned machine. The scripts are written in such way that they are accessible from any modern device, both mobile and stationary. Support is written for all modern browsers, as well as a “fall-back” function to support those with older operating systems and browsers. All this – to make sure you are seen, everywhere, on any device, at any time.

W3C valid coding